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Client Goals

In 2014, Ballistiq identified a need in the market for artists to showcase their portfolios, find work and earn income.


Ballistiq set out to build the platform from the ground up. To seize advantage of the opportunity, it was important to be a first mover in the industry and work on an agile timeline. The team knew that their ultimate vision for the platform would need to be developed in stages so it was necessary to create a scalable minimum viable product and prioritize new features according to business value.


In October 2014, Ballistiq’s first release of ArtStation enabled artists to share and view artwork, interact socially and find jobs. As the user base expanded, the agile product team continued to release new features and improvements such as global art challenges, a website builder, blogs, profile analytics and the ability to monetize artwork by selling digital products and prints.


ArtStation has grown to become a platform with millions of users worldwide. It has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of artists who now rely on it as a hub for finding opportunities, monetizing their work and making valuable connections.

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