The new face of Ballistiq

Leonard Teo @leonardteo
Leonard Teo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Ballistiq.


When we started Ballistiq just over 2 years ago, our idea was to build a web and mobile technology company where we could honour God and create great products. We loved the technology industry and we wanted to build a creative work environment where there is a sense of purpose and meaning in what we do. Our plan was to offer consulting services and build products based on our consulting experiences.

So away we went. We three nerds (Clarence, Kevin and Leo) started getting contracts in and working on them. We had major successes in delivering huge projects for clients. We launched our first product (Downtown for Shopify). We quickly found out what we loved doing and what frustrated us. We built processes that work. Everyday, we learn more about ourselves, each other and about new technologies.

But then something happened that we didn’t expect (but I guess was inevitable considering the work we were doing). Clients loved us and started telling others about us, increasing the demand for our services. Consulting, which was supposed to be something that supported us while working on a whiz bang product, was clearly becoming our core business. Over and over again, we’d work with clients on projects and they would tell us the same thing. “We like working with you because you get it“.

To cater for the demand in professional services, we had to expand our team very quickly from just 3 of us now to 13 people spread across Canada and Russia. And while we are still working on products that will come to market soon, we realized that we needed to make a commitment to our clients and those relying on our services. And so we’re happy to launch our new Ballistiq website, underscoring our focus on providing outstanding service to our clients.

We have also moved into a great new office at 33 Rue Prince in Old Montreal, making us more accessible to clients and having a creative space where we can build amazing web and mobile apps.

Our thanks goes out to the clients, partners, friends and families that have helped us get this far. We thank God for having you in our lives and helping shape who we are.

Thank you.

Leonard Teo
CEO, Ballistiq